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KUIU 5200 Icon

12/11/2017 · The only one I have any experience with is the kuiu 3200. I'm not going to say it's the best because I've got a hunch they are all pretty good. Anyway I used the kuiu for archery and rifle hunting. For a day pack and a pack for a couple three days trip. I've packed a quarter of an elk several times. I usually pack it for about 40 to 50 days. 24/10/2014 · Beautiful ram, were still looking for my son. I have heard a lot of negative with the ultra's as well. The Exo is getting good reviews by most, but I know a few very prominent backpacking guys that say this pack is having some pretty big issues. I use both the 1850 and 3200 on the same KUIU frame. The ability to do so was a key factor in my purchasing decision. My feeling about a lot of pockets is I always end up looking in every pocket for whatever I'm looking for. My solution is to use a few pockets, and, in the main compartment, use readily identifiable packaging baggies, dry bag. 27/02/2016 · I have the KUIU 1850 Icon Pro and almost every item in the KUIU line and am very impressed with them for two seasons now. The 1850 is a little more feature rich than the Ultra 1800 but none-the-less everything they make is well done. Even my wife who was washing and folding my camo tonight commented on how well it's made. Generally my approach as well. I haven't applied it to elk but I've hauled out a couple blacktail bucks in the 2200 didn't need to make a 2nd trip and, though definitely a load, it beats some of the other things I've done. My 2200 is an older one predating the gun boot, etc. I've thought about upgrading to the Clutch which more or less.

"One Pack that will do it all" I am on a quest to find the most versatile, yet user-friendly pack for backcountry hunting, one pack that does it all. I have looked closely at the following: Exo Mtn Gear, Horn Hunter Full Curl System, SlumberJack 4500, Alps Outdoor Z, The Outdoorsman, Tenzing 6000, a couple Eberlestock, and Kuiu. Every pack has. 25/02/2015 · I know this type of question is all over the web but here we are again.I currently have an eberlestock X2 pack and even though everyone says its a day pack i was able to do a 2 night hunt with it.I love the X2 but i would like to stay longer and more room.I know more about the Kuiu Icon pro than Kifaru.Just need a lil help to make my decision.

Having taken multiple opportunities to put KUIU’s daypack through the paces, I found the Icon 1850 to be very well constructed, just like KUIU’s larger backpacks. I’m a big fan of KUIU’s lumbar support and memory foam shoulder strap system as I did not have an issue with fitting the pack to my torso and shape. I found the aluminum stays. kuiu gear ONLY buy sell trade original has 36,047 members. Lets keep this simple. This group is made to buy, sell, trade, and discuss kuiu gear. Which. 27/03/2018 · 1. Kuiu 3200 2. Kifaru 3. Exo Mountain 3500 4. Stone Glacier 5. Outdoorsman Wanting to have a good day pack or pack that can be used for a couple days if needed. Can pack meat/heavy loads efficiently, and is super comfortable for all day use. Kuiu Icon - $400.00. Kuiu Icon Pro 2200 Bag Pack. Beretta Active - $279.00. Beretta Active Mars Jacket 3 Layer Waterproof 699 2xl Fits Like Kuiu Sitka. Kuiu Scarpa - $220.00. Kuiu Scarpa Revolution Boots Size 8. Kuiu Kutana - $230.00. Kuiu Kutana Soft Shell Jacket Medium Verde 2.0 New. Kuiu Super - $215.00. Kuiu Super Down Ultra Pullover Large. Benchmade Altitude - $158.30. Benchmade Altitude.

We build backpacks that enable you to pack efficiently, hunt effectively, and carry every load in comfort. Designed by backcountry hunters, for backcountry hunters. Made in Boise, Idaho USA. Bike to Eat: How to Hunt on Two Wheels Hunting is growing beyond its hook-and-bullet roots, thanks to outdoor inventions like the fat bike. I have no affiliation with any company, but after a lot of reading and research I chose the Exo Mountain Gear 5500 pack for my hunting & bivy pack. It's an expensive pack, and one day I'd like to buy the 3500 that also fits the same frame but I can only afford the one for now, therefore I.

Exo Mountain vs. Kuiu Icon Pro - Other Hunting.

ÐÏ à¡± á> þÿ þÿÿÿ. This is BIG! We have teamed up with Greg McHale from Greg McHale's Wild Yukon,Gunwerks, and Vortex Optics to give away a Stone Sheep hunt in Northern British Columbia, along with a full KUIU Gear Package, Custom Gunwerks Rifle, and a Vortex Optics Package.

Unbelievable prices on kuiu and other comparable items. Presenting Kuiu available today on the internet. Kuiu in stock. Buy Kuiu on eBay now! Benchmade Altitude - $158.03. Benchmade Altitude Fixed Blade Cpm S90v Orange W Kuiu Camo Sheath. Tight Spot - $162.95. Tight Spot Quiver Rise 5-arrow Kuiu Verde 2.0 Rh. Tight Spot - $159.95. Tight Spot Quiver Rise 5-arrow Kuiu Verde 2.0 Rh.. I would like to see two things from Kuiu, a heavy weight synthetic fill insulating jacket. A pant would be nice too. Throw in a light Kuiu bivy and you would have the Spike series. Something to have at all times when you just don’t want to go back. The second thing is a great mountain pant. I know you developed and tested with that AK guide.

30/01/2018 · I have the KUIU 5200 and 1850 with one frame, I need to add the 3200 as the 1850 is too small for even day hunts for big game. I love them, get the taller frame or extra tall and you can put the rifle sling over the pack stay and you have your rifle at the ready, but impossible to slide off your shoulder. I do 3-5 backpack hunting trips a. 14/10/2016 · One of the things I like about the hunting packs I mentioned is you can carry your gun or bow. Never heard of Kuiu but it looks like they have some attachments that fit on any of their packs. I'm going to look into the Icon Pro 1850 and 3200 to see what they are all about. Thanks for your response. 12/05/2015 · I recently bought the new Kuiu Icon Pro 3200. I did a bunch of research before making my decision and I am very satisfied with my choice. The fitment of the pack is amazing and very comfortable. Based on there videos I watched on youtube, they made some improvements over there prior packs. Plenty of pockets and places to put lots of gear. There. What can I say.the Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B Edition 2200 Rangefinding binos are awesome! Haven't put them to the full test yet, but the glass is amazingly clear. Can't wait for spring bear season! Haven't put them to the full test yet, but the glass is amazingly clear.

One Pack that will do it all

See What People Are Saying About onXmaps. Whether you’re comparing hunting apps or simply interested in learning more about onX Hunt, here’s a list of online reviews that will let you know what to expect from our product, our support services and our brand. Leica 40049 Geovid 10x42 HD-B Binocular Only at ! 1 570 368 3920. 0; Shop by Brands. View All Brands. A Accuracy International Aimpoint Alaska Guide Creations Alex Sepkus American Defense Manufacturing American Precision Arms American Rifle Company Anschutz Armageddon Gear Armalite Atlas Bipods and Accu-shot Monopods B&T Industries ATN B B&T.

The Badlands Film Festival is back this January for its seventh incredible year. If you want to be a part of the biggest party at the ATA Show, get your camera running, submit your entry, and maybe we'll see your work on the silver screen. I have taken deer, hauled stand and pack to truck, emptied pack, hiked back to deer, skin and debone deer, and haul meat back in that cheap pack. If im going deep on a bivy hunt my badlands 2200.Same deal, I can haul out a good load of meat with it.

Backpack Size vs Liters vs Cubic Inches Chart Metric – US Conversion Chart. Keep in mind different manufacturer’s will label a pack different sizes for different cubic inch or liter capacity. I would not recommend paying too much attention to the size label, as all it is is a label.

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