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Best stream settings Dlive 1080p 60fps - OBS Forums.

Learn 2018’s Best OBS Studio Settings Tutorial for 720 P/1080 with 60 fps. These settings will give you amazing quality for your gaming streams when broadcasting your content to services like YouTube Gaming, TwitchTV, Facebook. 10/06/2019 · The simple settings only hide the complexity behind the advanced settings. They don't produce worse quality. Actually, they perform better than most advanced configuration sets, because they contain best practice as result of years of optimization of settings. 17/05/2019 · Hello I have Gtx 1060 6Gb I want to stream on dlive with 1080p 60 fps My upload speed is 20MBPS Can you help me? I need correct botrate and video settings. YouTube doesn't accept 75 FPS video. You are required to use 60 FPS footage, or it will convert it for you. As such, while artifacts may show up in the video from automatic conversion, none will be caused by 75 FPS, as it can't be uploaded.

Here's what I do: Set OBS to record without compression lossless quality. The lossless quality option uses no compression, so it will be very easy on your GPU and CPU. The video formats will be massive like 40 GB for 30 minutes of 720p 60 fps footage, probably more like 80 GB for 1080p, so maybe get a bigger SSD?. You can always compress. The good news is that OBS just released an update that pretty much completely fixes this and all that you need to do is run OBS in administrator mode for it to work this is absolutely essential at least for the time being. I have tested this and it is no joke. The new update is the real deal and anyone that has experienced rendering lag needs. 20/09/2016 · I am using OBS to record gameplay footage and recently i start to notice that despite settings, the recording is made in much lower fps than 60. Output files properties shows 60 fps, but i can clearly see that it is not true. NVIDIA shadowplay f.e. works just fine and make true 60 fps recording. But i really like the OBS, so please help.: my.

OBS streaming 60 fps settings. Close. 0. Posted by. u/sljdhl. 5 years ago. Archived. OBS streaming 60 fps settings. Im trying to setup my stream so I can catch some funny things that happens when me and my friends play some MM. I dont want to fraps every game or go and watch demos after. But something is really strange with my settings because I get heavy lag ingame and after a while my. Salut à tous. Alors voila depuis hier je fais des tests de stream avec obs studio. Possédant une Nvidia je me sert du codec Nvidia Nvenc afin de pouvoir faire un record 1080p/60fps et un stream 720p/60fps, me permettant de beaucoup moins faire travailer mon CPU. 30/01/2014 · Actually, it does. The recommended max for non-partners is 2000kbps. That isn't anywhere NEAR enough for a 720@60 stream. Even 2500kbps is only really going to suffice for low-medium motion games eg: NOT MMOs/third-person games, FPSes, racing games, etc at 720@60. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. High quality recording How to record games at 60 FPS with high quality audio using Game DVR on Windows 10. Après se pose la question de l’exposition, plus les FPS sont élevés, plus il faudra faire attention à la vitesse d’obturation pour obtenir une bonne fluidité et donc plus il faudra de lumière pour ne pas trop monter les ISO. Mais déjà tourner en 60 FPS minimum est une très bonne chose.

Select 60 FPS for Common FPS Values. Once you have set the output setting for 60 FPS, you’ll need to add the camera as a source. Do the following: On the main OBS Studio window, click thebutton in the Sources section located in bottom-middle of the window, and then click Video Capture Device. Name the source — we suggest C922. Elgato Game Capture HD can passthrough 1080p video at 60 fps 59.94 fps However, it can only record 1080p video at 30 fps 29.97 fps. In Elgato Game Capture HD software version 2.0, the option will be called Allow 60 fps, instead of Preserve Source Format.

Question / Help - OBS doesn't record in 60 fps.

75fps recording on 60fps video.obs.

Pour le 30/60 fps ça dépend aussi du type de vidéo. Les DO, vlog etc. n'ont aucun intérêt à être en 60fps vu qu'en général la vitesse est assez faible, et la fluidité d'image 30fps sera suffisante dans ce cas là.

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