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Oracle 11g RAC database on ASM, ACFS or OCFS2.

As a summary, the recommendation of Oracle is clearly to use ASM for database files, and for everything which cannot be placed directly in ASM to use ACFS. However OCFS2 will be continued to be supported at least at the moment. Below is a support matrix for Oracle RAC / Grid Infrastructure installation. Ensure that ocfs2console and ocfs2-tools are at least version 1.2.7, and that the other OCFS2 components correspond to the pattern ocfs2-kernel_version-1.2.7 or greater. If you want to install Oracle RAC on a shared home, then the OCFS2 version must be 1.4.1 or greater. Oracle RAC uses its own cluster stack, Cluster Synchronization Services CSS. You can use O2CB in conjunction with CSS, but you should note that each stack is configured independently for timeouts, nodes, and other cluster settings. You can use OCFS2 to host the voting disk files and the Oracle cluster registry OCR, but not the grid. 02/04/2012 · For RAC to work - You need Oracle clusterware and shared storage, you can use ocfs2 as shared storage solution. Oracle clusterware can run on its own or can depended on ventor os clustering solution. From 11gR2 there is not need for any third party solution for any component.

02/02/2010 · Oracle 11gR2 RAC installation: install and configure OCFS2 Tweet T his post will describe how to install and configure OCFS2, the Oracle Cluster File System, a shared disk file system developed by Oracle Corporation and released under the GNU General Public License. Oracle Cluster File System OCFS2 User’s Guide NOTE This user's guide is for OCFS2 Release 1.2 that works only on the older RHEL4 and SLES9 distributions. We have since released two new updates to the file system: OCFS2 Release 1.4 and OCFS2 Release 1.6. Oracle Cluster File System version 2 OCFS2 is a general-purpose shared-disk file system intended for use in clusters to increase storage performance and availability. Almost any application can use OCFS2 because it provides local file-system semantics. Applications that are cluster-aware can use.

12/07/2011 · Hi there I am creating two node 11gR2 RAC using VMWare. I have successfully installed Grid Infrastructure. The next step in the guide I am following is to configure OCFS2. ocfs2는 Oracle 에서 제공하는 리눅스&윈도우용 클러스터링 시스템입니다. 다른 Unix 운영체제는 독자적은 클러스터링 시스템을 갖고 있기 때문에 ocfs가 필요가 없긴 하죠. 해당 실습 환경은 RAC구축을 위한 Oral. I try to summarize here some of the errors and its solutions i got while running a Oracle 10g R2 Real Application Cluster RAC Install on VMware Linux install. starting VIP application resource on 2 nodes1:CRS-1006: No more members to consider CRS-0215: Could not start resours ' This is the home of Oracle's Linux Projects development group. We host a number of Open Source projects here - including source and binary downloads, sample code,.

[Ocfs2-users] Oracle 9i RAC on OCFS2 Marcel Savelkoul marcel.s atMon Nov 27 01:06:12 PST 2006. Previous message: [Ocfs2-users] Task of o2cb Next message: [Ocfs2-users] Re: Task of o2cb Messages sorted by: Thnx for that. When I saw you got it from Oracle website. Hi, I have installed a 2 node Oracle RAC 10G R2 on VMWare Server 1.0.3. The Host OS is \[vmware@leih0421 rac2]$ uname -a Linux leih0421.

I know that oracle pushes ASM rather than ocfs2 but I think that this may not be a good decision and at the end oracle will loose lots of client to veritas cfs. Ocfs2 has it’s own strong point on top of ASM like easy of use. Specially, company which need database cloned regular bases between production and QA system need to asign extra. [Oracle 10g RAC OCFS2集群存储迁移摘要]:用户一个Oracle 10g RAC的基于ocfs2的集群,RedHat 5.4 64bit环境,需要更换存储和升级更换8GHBA卡,过程总结如下: 准备篇: 1、先在root用户下,用df -h 查看原存储挂载的使用情况,评估迁移的数据.

11g R2 RAC on VMWare - ocfs2 problem Oracle.

Oracle 11gR2 RAC installationinstall and.

ORACLE RAC. Any special flags to run Oracle RAC? OCFS2 volumes containing the Voting diskfile CRS, Cluster registry OCR, Data files, Redo logs, Archive logs and Control files must be mounted with the datavolume and nointr mount options. The datavolume option ensures that the Oracle processes opens these files with the o_direct flag. ocfs2是oracle淘汰的产品,bug很多,能不用尽量不要使用!1.下载三个ocfs2文件ocf. Oracle Cluster File System OCFS Tips. Oracle Cluster File System OCFS is a shared file system designed specifically for Oracle Real Application Clusters. OCFS eliminates the requirement for Oracle database files to be located on the raw devices in Linux RAC cluster and Windows RAC cluster. 在RedHat AS 4下安装Oracle 10G RAC遇到的问题集. If you plan to install an Oracle RAC home on a shared OCFS2 location, then you must upgrade OCFS2 to at least version 1.4.1, which supports shared writable mmaps. If you intend to use Oracle ASM with Oracle RAC, and you are configuring a new Oracle ASM instance, then your system must meet the following conditions.

Oracle Rac Ocfs2

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