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10/09/2014 · I just followed the Gentoo guide to installing systemd running amd64 stable here and dhcpcd worked perfectly - admittedly it was started after the interfaces were renamed. So my questions are these 1 Is your systemd modified anyhow? 2 Is your dhcpcd systsemd service modified anyhow? 04/04/2015 · systemd-216 manages somehow to obtain full control over mount points: If a mount unit for some filesystem exists which is unavoidable if this is in /etc/fstab then this mount point can neither be mounted nor umounted with the "mount" and "umount" commands, only by starting or stopping the systemd.

18/07/2018 · I know neddy is not a systemd funboy, but he is right. at this point if you want a systemd free distro, gentoo is not your home. you would have to fork the repository. or create an overlay. portage as flexible as it is, will not allow you to run an openrc gentoo unless you hack at it. at this point, saying is openrc friendly is just plain out. Upgrade Gentoo to Use Systemd Feb 22, 2015 / Karim Elatov / linux, gentoo, systemd, lvm By default Gentoo uses OpenRC as it’s init system. A fork of Gentoo by Gentoo's founder Daniel Robbins. It aims to correct some issues he sees with Gentoo that he wasn't able to rectify because of internal dispute. It also aims to be slightly easier than Gentoo, and offers more optional preconfiguration by default because of that. To that end, Funtoo ships with ebuilds that support the binary USE flag, allowing users to skip the step of customizing their own. Install Gentoo Linux; Learn from a very funny Linux distro and its installation process; Want to have a systemd flavored Gentoo. If you are that kind of person, speak emerge and enter 😉 Installation concerns. Before continue it's important to know that this guide if very focused to uefi, crypt/luks disk, lvm partitioning and systemd init.

So, i am installing gentoo and i want to use systemd. What do i need to know to do that? Do i just follow the handbook, except select systemd as my profile, build the kernel with systemd support, and add anything that needs to be run on startup to the wants of the default target for systemd. I want to use the desktop profile and I am using systemd, but I dont want to use gnome or kde. What can I do? arch= amd64. Edit: I created a hybrid which im not sure is exactly practical or sane. systemd est un système d’initialisation et un daemon qui a été spécifiquement conçu pour le noyau Linux comme alternative à SysV init. Il a pour but d'offrir un meilleur cadre pour la gestion des dépendances entre services, de permettre le chargement en parallèle des services au démarrage, et de réduire les appels aux scripts shell. A unit configuration file whose name ends in ".mount" encodes information about a file system mount point controlled and supervised by systemd. This man page lists the configuration options specific to this unit type. See systemd.unit 5 for the common options of all unit.

At this point, and given all of my scouring the Web for clues, I can’t even remember the definitive fix. I do recall udev blocking systemd’s installation, though, which I think I solved by simply unmerging it installing systemd took care of emerging it again. As is typical of different Gentoo installs, problems and solutions are going to vary. Gentoo or Arch for Steam and systemD on PC? I hate to be that guy that puts out one of these questions and I'm not looking for a Gentoo vs Arch debate. What I am looking for is help deciding on the best route as I am struggling to decide right now whether or not to go with Arch or Gentoo. 09/11/2014 · Just use wpa_supplicant@.service have it point to the right wpa_supplicant.conf file. systemd-networkd detects interfaces coming up or down, so whenever the association occurs, it should detect it and set it up apropriately. I was using this method for a few days and it works flawlessly. But then I set up ipv6, and systemd-networkd has a.

systemd-analyze may be used to determine system boot-up performance statistics and retrieve other state and tracing information from the system and service manager. systemd tracks processes using the Linux kernel's cgroups subsystem instead of using process identifiers PIDs; thus, daemons cannot "escape" systemd, not even by double-forking. The problem to keep up choices in gentoo will be, that there are some features that are only provided by systemd and no one else bothers to implement alternatives: For example, consolekit is unmaintained and a big security hole. Logind does very well as an alternative, but needs systemd for good reasons. If OpenRC should stay an alternative.

Gentoo's Bugzilla – Bug 674144

Created attachment 256205 killall-gentoo-systemd-fsck-root.patch Patch to remove the -l, -M and -T flags of fsck. ext3.fsck does not accept the -M and -T flags, and the -l flags expects a files with badblocks. If the root partition is ext3, without the patch Systemd fails to boot when /sbin/fsck fails. Also, patch the killall.service unit so it. Gentoo, btrfs arrays and systemd: a public service announcement This week, I upgraded my media center/filer and after a reboot new kernel, systemd was blocking on my btrfs mount. It’s a 3-partition RAID1 array until upstream says RAID5 is safe.systemd-run --on-active="12h 30m" --unit someunit.service See systemd-run1 for more information and examples. As a cron replacement. Although cron is arguably the most well-known job scheduler, systemd timers can be an alternative. Benefits. The main benefits of using timers come from each job having its own systemd service. Some of these. Distro: Gentoo systemd: 242 For a while, on both of the systems I have here, I've been unable to do a proper shutdown halt, poweroff, reboot. It gets most of the way through shutting down servic. 11/12/2017 · I am not very convinced of SYSTEMD. it's just an init. there are many ways to boot a box, even static init. an init should not influence compoents like a desctop environment or should depend on it. in my point of view systemd, newer as gnome 2.0, newer as kde3 is like cancer. gentoo is also not able to fix certain ebuilds for over 2 weeks.

Yet, systemd-networkd is integrated well with the rest of systemd components e.g., resolved for DNS, timesyncd for NTP, udevd for naming, and the role of systemd-networkd may only grow over time in the systemd environment. If you are happy with the way systemd is evolving, one thing you can consider is to switch from NetworkManager to systemd.

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