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I tend to use the system that was designed for the language, so in the case with C, I use iostream e.g. cout/cin/cerr, and with C, I use printf. This is not saying that one should never use printf in C; I just happen to like using the advant. While cout is the proper C way, I believe that some people and companies including Google continue to use printf in C code because it is much easier to do formatted output with printf than with cout. Cin-Cout vs Scanf-Printf Regular competitive programmers face common challenge when input is large and the task of reading such an input from stdin might prove to be a bottleneck. Such problem is accompanied with “Warning: large I/O data”. 17/08/2011 · Printf or cout? Which is more useful overall or what ways can each be used to it's advantage. This is not for education purposes or to help with some foo function its just to stir up the pot.

Hi all, Some of the problem description provide the advice to avoid std::cout and std::cin because those are supposedly slower than printf and scanf, I made a couple of experiment to check how big is the performance gain when using printf/scanf and I discovered that there is no gain at all!

The main difference is that printf is used to send formated string to the standard output, while cout doesn't let you do the same, if you are doing some program serious, you should be using. 27/07/2014 · scanf/printf vs cin/cout. scanf/printf vs cin/cout. newbie456 As it is known that C scanf/printf works faster for Input/Output compared to cin/cout of C. A picture or a test is worth at least a thousand words. Page onA short summary of the results on that page: Time using printf: 1.975 Time using puts: 1.458 Time using cout. 今天刷OJ时,有个全排列的题目一直超时,当时是用的cout,然后换成printf果断 ac,因此,拥有执著的求知精神的我试试到底差别有多大。测试用例是用printf 和 cout 分别输出从0~100. 博文 来自: 瘦果的.

请问我的vs2008环境,为什么输出窗口不显示printf或者cout出来的信息了呢? 我记得几天前还是可以显示的,有一天我把最下面一排窗口都关闭了,再打开就发现不能输出了,不知道什么原因,这样不能查看我自己的调试信息,开发效率会变慢。. printf는 cout보다 빠르기 때문에 특수한 상황에서 주로 쓰이고, 보통 C에서는 cout을 씁니다. C의 Why should I use instead of the traditional 를 요약해보면, safety와 error, 확장성과 상속을 생각했을때, 보다 낫습니다.

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